What can happen when the oceans become more acidic

Mineral stability in today’s changing ocean

Poster by Baliee DesRocher
The Omega aragonite (Ωaragonite), is the saturation state with respect to aragonite. The higher the number, the more saturated the water is with aragonite. You can also interpret the figure differently, that is, how quickly aragonite is expected to dissolve back into the seawater. The cold waters on the right side of the graph show that there is a big jump in how much aragonite is stable at the surface. From Dong et al. (2019 in review).

So what is ocean acidification?

What processes can cause oceans to become more acidic?

A graphical model of the carbon cycle. A graphical representation of the ocean’s carbon budget. It’s complicated and a lot of different things happening! From Hönisch et al. (2012)

How do minerals react with changing ocean chemistry?

The Minerals

How ocean acidity has changed over the last 300 million years. Data are based on thermodynamic calculations. From Hönisch et al.(2012)

The Rundown

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