At my museum (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles), we have a large community science engagement platform. I am not directly involved with their work because it is all biology related, but they are quite successful at what they do.

Here is a link.

Also, the marine biodiversity center at NHMLA is quite active.

Both the groups mentioned above have many people (staff/volunteers) to make the programs successful. It's a lot of work. In my mineral sciences department, it's pretty much just my collections manager and me.

I agree with you, the infrastructure for community engagement is severely lacking for most people, but I don't what I would do to improve the situation. Social media platforms definitely help (which are the only tools I use), but it seems less than ideal to me. Things like iNaturalist do help, so maybe we more of that kind of community?

If you do find some nice resources/tools, then please do share :)

Keeping science accessible. Researching how minerals can be used to solve problems like climate change, pollution, and disease. @ NHMLA, USC, NASA-JPL

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